time for a blogging break and time with family

Looking Forward to Break Time

The days are long for a reason.

We parents all know the saying.

The days are long, but the years are short.

Well, I’m starting to think the days are long for a reason. It may be tough, but every moment can be filled with teaching, whether it’s the ABCs or simply being kind to someone. As parents, we have more minutes than I want to count to teach something meaningful to our children, to find new ways to entertain them and make them laugh.

Because what could be better than a child’s laughter?

But I am looking forward to a break. Not a break from motherhood or being away from my children. But a break from doing everything all day five days a week on my own.

Not only are The Husband and I taking a 2 week blogging break, but The Husband is also going to be home both weeks! He’s really into science and teaching our oldest science, so I’m simultaneously looking forward to what they cook up and being a little terrified of what they’re going to do. Will I still have a functioning kitchen? Well, if they want dinner, I’d better!

Really, it means each kid will get a little more attention, each kid will get more opportunities to learn something from both of us. The days will still be long, but, with daddy home, there will probably be more laughter, more weird things for my kids to do and find hilarious.

But I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see what new thing my son turns into a mustache and how much longer my daughter can spin herself until she gets dizzy.

The days are long for a reason. They’re long so we can have more fun.

That and I’ve been going a little nutty on Pinterest and saving way too many pins with interesting kid activities that I’m going to want to try out. All at once. So, there had better be enough time during the day!


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