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I saw this yesterday on House of Langs and, as I’ve never done something like this, thought it might be fun and interesting. Turns out I don’t have much to confess, but maybe I need a few more years when my kids are a little older.

1. You’re standing with another mom at the playground and notice her underwear is showing, do you tell her? What do you say?

Probably not because I’m an introvert and hate talking to people, so going up to them in the first place totally won’t be happening.

2. If you had a 25 hour day and everyone else still only had 24, what would you do with the extra time?

Write or read or, more likely, organize all the toys. Chaos makes me antsy.

3. Is there a food that you think is really gross but you make your kids eat it because it’s good for them?

I say no, but my son would probably say “everything.” Currently, he hates food

4. If you were stranded with your kids what are the three things you hope you’d have on hand?

Diapers, wipes, and something for my 10 month old to chew on that my toddler could also play with. Otherwise he’ll play with the diapers

5. What kid’s show do you wish you could eliminate so that no mom ever has to sit through it again?

Caillou. I absolutely loathe that kid, so we pretend he doesn’t even exist.

6. At what age did your kids stop embarrassing you and you started to embarrass them?

My oldest is not yet 4, so I don’t have to worry about that yet!

7. What’s something in your house that for some reason only a mom’s eyes can see?

The trash from packagings that are always left on the coffee table

8. What would you change about your favorite restaurant to make it more kid-friendly?

Way more space between the tables

9. Do you have a secret fear that you hide from your kids?

I’m terrified of hypodermic needles, so I avoid shots but make them get their vaccinations

10. If there was one mommy duty that you would never have to do again, what would it be?

Change diapers. It’s been non-stop for almost 4 years

11. If someone showed at to your house unannounced what’s the one room you’d be embarrassed for them to go in?

My bedroom. It looks like a tornado went through, on a good day

12. Describe a time when you did something really silly because of lack of sleep?

This is every day for me as my baby doesn’t sleep through the night yet. My son always seems to be laughing at me, or screaming because it’s been 10 minutes, I’ve made countless trips into the kitchen, and still didn’t remember to bring his milk

13. What’s the last thing you bribed your kid to do?

I don’t do bribery

14. What’s something that you used to wear before you had kids that you wouldn’t wear now?

The dresses that have a narrow skirt. Can’t run in them!

15. What’s the last thing you told your kid not to touch?

The screen door

16. If you could choose if your kids went to bed earlier at night or slept later in the morning which would you pick?

Later in the morning. The baby would wake up at 5 if we let her, after going down at 9pm

17. Which was harder for you potty training or sleep training?

Didn’t do sleep training and potty training has been pretty easy so far

18. If you could share 3 pieces of advice with your younger self (before having kids!) what would they be?

1) just write that book already! 2) hop in the car and just go somewhere. 3) don’t worry so much about what people think

19. What question might your kid ask that you aren’t ready to answer?

What happens to people when they die

20. Which household chore do you prefer your kid NOT help out with?

Doing dishes

21. Would you rather the entire household gets sick all at once, or one by one?

One by one. All at once sucks and happens every time

22. If you’re rushing to go somewhere with your kid, what are you most likely to forget?

Snacks for my toddler

23. What song or movie title best describes your experience as a mom?

I don’t watch movies and can’t think of a good song. But I’m Chinese, so I sort of follow the Chinese zodiac. I have a horse and chicken, am married to a horse, and am a rabbit. So, Oh MacDonald Had a Farm seems appropriate. My kids do wake early, my chicken is always  pecking at something, and my horse gallons everywhere.

24. What’s the most embarrassing personal care item you’ve had to buy in a store?

I don’t get embarrassed. I silently challenge people to say something.

25. What’s one thing you’ve said to your kid that you never expected to say?

 “Okay, you can stay up 5 more minutes.”


This was fun! Give it a try and be sure to let House of Langs know!


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