My Love, part 2

And the long love poem continues. Check out the first part here.

The years swirled past
And still I saw him only those times
But I knew he was still there
Maybe watching me
For I saw the curtains sway
When there was no wind
Freshman year ended
Sophomore swirled past
Junior left in a haze
Senior year came at last
This is the year
I thought to myself
I’ll present myself
Introduce myself
Just walk up to the door and knock
He’ll come, I know he will
He’ll smile and I’ll smile back
But I never built enough courage
I never made it halfway
Graduation came
And I finally learned his name
Peter Stephen Grahme
When the principal called my name
Misty Rose Lanser
I felt his eyes on me
I knew it was his
For I looked out the corner of my eye
And saw him watch me

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