National Chips and Dip Day

Today is Chips and Dip Day. But…I don’t like dip. I like the purity of my chips. Just give me the chip and I’m happy.

Instead, I’m going to celebrate a variation. Chips and DIBS. It’s just a letter different…

Has anyone here eaten those Dips ice cream bites? Those little bits of ice cream coated in chocolate? (I think I like chocolate too much…No! No such thing!)

Chips and Dibs was something of a thing with my best friend and me back in college. We went to different colleges, but were only about a half hour away from each other.

One night, my roommate and I were not getting along, so my best friend came to sleep over. My friend has a crazy, vengeful soul that I really needed that night. And what did we do to make it even better? We went shopping for snacks.

Of course, we didn’t really know what we were doing or even what we wanted to eat. We wandered the aisles of the market down the street, giggling to each other. After way too long, we grabbed a bag of Ruffles and a carton of Dibs and headed back to my dorm where my roommate was blasting some obnoxious music.

In between writing out vengeful scenarios in a notebook, we enjoyed our strange salty and sweet snack before the ice cream could melt. We also laughed at our shortsightedness. Here we had ice cream and no freezer to store it in. After that, it was a race to finish the slowly melting Dibs, coating our fingers in chocolate and ice cream.

Who knew chips and Dibs would go so well together? We didn’t, but we enjoyed trying it. It was delightfully tasty, and not the last time we tried something new.

So if you’re like me and aren’t a fan of dips, try some Dibs instead! Happy Chips and Dip Day!

  1. Laura

    You don’t like dip?!?! I didn’t know such people existed. Challenging my whole world view… But glad to know it’s chip and dip day. Good excuse for my favorite snack.

      • Laura

        It’s great there are people like you out there, really. You counterbalance people like me who consider chips a mere vessel for dip… 😉

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