No to Sleep Training

Earlier today I posted about my decision to not sleep train my 2 babies. It’s a decision I don’t regret and it’s been working just fine for my family, though I am lucky to have been at home with both babies while they wake 2-1000 times a night.

Sleep training is one of those things parents, moms especially, feel pressured to do and keep at even when it breaks hearts. It’s just as hard waking with the baby all night, but I would take it over listening to my baby scream every night (which my first did, all night every night for a week).

I decided I wasn’t going to let myself feel pressured. I was going to let my children decide when they were ready to fall asleep and soothe themselves back to sleep io their own. I don’t regret it.

I’m also glad I am not alone. Check out this great post from Shannon over at My Mommyhood who also decided to not sleep train.

If you have also decided to not sleep train, we would love to hear your stories!

Parental sleep is precious, but every child is different and I believe he or she will get there in their own time. Thoughts?

  1. thelonelyauthorblog

    I thought sleep training was the only real option.

    As you stated, all babies are different. My daughter slept all night. Only once during her infancy did she keep us up all night. She was teething and we had a couple of nights from hell.

    Interesting post to read. Best of luck with the babies.

    • kat

      Thanks for your comment! I also thought it was the only option, but his screaming made me decide to trust him and myself and hope it would get better. You’re very lucky your daughter slept! And I am very jealous, but really wouldn’t want to change anything. Thank you!

  2. MS//Mommy

    We didn’t sleep train either. Sometimes we let him cry for a few minutes if all needs have been met or checked, but one of us stays in the room with him so he knows he’s not alone until he falls asleep. Most of those times he’s having a tantrum (at night? I didn’t know that was a thing) – so it’s more about not caving to the tantrum than anything else.

    I am glad we’re not alone in not sleep training. He’s naturally grown into a nighttime sleeping schedule which I prefer anyway – I think he is more relaxed because of it.

    Thanks for the wonderful post!

    • kat

      Tantrums at night? I’ve never heard of that, either. But sleep training is absolutely not for every baby and it sounds like you didn’t need it at all. I do think babies develop their own routines and schedules as they get older. My daughter has as well. And it makes bedtime easier on them since they have a little more control and it works with their own rhythms. Trying to force something on them is stressful to them and us as parents. Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Cait W. "Prayers Over The Kitchen Sink"

    Nope! I’m kind of an attachment style parent myself. I never even thought about it. I don’t want the kids to associate bed time with punishment or remember it as a traumatic time. My first went from bassinet in room to co sleeping to toddler bed in room to toddler bed in her own room. My little one now did the same minus the bed in our room. I stay with her until she falls asleep in her own room and she still tries to crawl in with us at night (I secretly like it! Lol) It took a bit longer and it’s our choice but I definitely see the benefits of a different approach as well! I listen to my friends and think hmm.. a real bed time? Strict schedules? Sounds kind of nice sometimes! We all get there eventually. 🙂 Just have to do what’s right for us! Xo

      • kat

        Yes! Which just makes me scratch my head at the idea of sleep training, especially when babies cry for hours. What, exactly, are we teaching?

    • kat

      I agree! Every baby gets there on their own time and I think it’s better for them. Besides, some babies are just better sleepers and some parents just choose to ignore all the crying so they can get through sleep training. I stopped with my son exactly because I didn’t want to traumatize him. I wanted him to like sleeping! I know my husband wishes we could have coslept, and we did consider it for our daughter, but our bed just isn’t big enough. But the way you transitioned your babies sounds wonderful and will probably have a great impact on your children! Secure attachments can be so hard to foster, but are so important!

      Thanks for sharing your story!

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