This is based on a short story I had to read in high school. No clue what the story was, but it mentioned JFK’s assassination, so I thought I would post it today since it’s just a few days after the anniversary of his death.

As darkness fell
As the street lights flickered on
As the white snow fell
And turned to gray

On a wintry day
On a November night
The day the President died
I cried not for him.

Instead my tears
Were for another
I cried for a friend
A friend I lost.

I felt my sadness
Welling inside me
Pushing itself to the surface
To flow out in the form of tears.

A sadness for one
The one I loved
Who was so cruelly
Taken from my life.

The one I cared for
Above all others
Taken away
Filling me with sadness.

The one thing
I have looked forward to
Denied to me
This wintry night.

On a November night
When sadness filled my heart
I made no move
To tell my mother I am awake.

I chose to pretend
I was deep in sleep
So I would not have to hear
I told you you would be hurt.

I cried that night
That wintry night
That November night
I cried for my loss.

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