Looks like I lost a day somewhere.

With the husband the professor now on winter break, I have no schedule but my kid’s to live by, so I guess I missed something somewhere.

Besides that, computer and Internet have been temperamental for the past week, so I got zero work done. And said kid hasn’t wanted to really sleep at all. Naptime seems to only exist in my sleep deprived state of mind.

Well, with any luck, we’ll be back to normal soon. Maybe I need to scare my computer and Internet into cooperating… Hmmm…

  1. Molly Mortensen

    It happens. I’m terrible at keeping a schedule. I hope your kid decides to sleep again. I find yelling at my computer helps. (Makes me fell better anyway.) Happy Holidays! 🙂 I hope you have a nice vacation with your husband.

    • katpersephone

      Thanks! I hope you had a great holiday season! Fantasies of strangling my computer help a lot. He still won’t sleep through the night, but naptime is getting better, so, with any luck, I’ll be able to get back to posting soon!

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