Queen of the Garden of Girls, Part 28 - the next part in my story based on Beauty and the Beast

Queen of the Garden of Girls, Part 28

If you missed it, in Part 26 Robert retold his favorite childhood story to Elaina. It wasn’t quite what she expected.

Chapter Ten Continued

By the time Robert had finished and his thoughts and mind had returned to the kitchen of Roderick Hall, Elaina had finished putting the chicken and potatoes in the oven and was standing before him. He couldn’t quite tell if she was surprised, horrified, or transfixed. Her expression seemed eternally mercurial, the look in her eyes ever shifting.

Finally, Elaina put her hands on her hips. “That was your favorite bedtime story?”

He shrugged. “It is sad, but I also like to think the prince and his lady found happiness and that the mermaid didn’t die.”

She stared back at him, but now there was a thoughtful light in her eyes. “I suppose that’s true. It is a nicer thought.”

He nodded. “See? It’s not a terrible story.” He shrugged. “There are better ones, but this one always stuck with me the most.”

Her hands finally dropped from her hips. “It’s certainly different. Now I’m curious about the other stories your mother used to tell you.”

Robert grinned. “Well, there was an interesting Little Red Riding Hood one where the wolf was Red in disguise.”

“Maybe not that one just yet.”

He laughed. “Yeah, some of them were not suited for bedtime.” He sobered. “But it was the one time my mother felt human to me.”

Elaina came quietly to stand near him. Her eyes were gentle, her lips slightly parted. She rested a hand on his where it rested on his knee. She smiled softly at him, and he knew she understood.

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