Raven, Chapter 11-b

Raven slid a long, slender knife into the sheath running up the outside of her black pants leg. Straightening, she smoothed her hands over her black skin tight clothes and peered over her shoulder at Onna. She still expected to see Aven, still expected to feel him smooth away a stray strand of hair or smooth out the back of her clothes. But he wasn’t there anymore. And Onna was too new to dare touch her Thief Lord.

Instead, Onna stood behind her, her arms folded across her chest. An unreadable look was on her face and her eyes gave away nothing. Now that the girl was no longer Raven’s decoy, she was growing out her hair, so now it was a touch longer than Raven’s. She wore black, but hers was a black blouse and long skirt since she would not be going out with Raven this evening. She had a golden necklace sparkling around her neck; Raven would never be caught dead wearing jewelry. No, Onna was not longer the decoy; she was the adviser and executioner.

“Aven would look at me with reproach,” Raven said softly, turning to face the girl as she slid on her soft gloves. “You are not Aven and you may not look at me in that way.”

Onna scowled and her arms twitched, but they were already crossed as tightly as they could be across her chest. “I may not be Aven and you may have forbidden me from acting like him, but I can still disagree with this course of action. What will killing Lord Sarlik get you, Raven?”

Raven clenched her hands to flex the black leather covering them. The material silently moved with her movements. “Revenge,” was Raven’s only reply.

Without another word, Raven strode out of her bedchamber. With the scowl still in place, Onna followed.

“At least let me come with you. I’ll be your eyes and ears.”

That made Raven stop short and whirl on her new adviser. “You would have me risk the life of another adviser?” Raven stepped close to the girl, almost coming eye to eye, she was so close. “You forget, Onna. Lord Sarlik killed Aven. The man could very well kill again. I will not risk the life of another adviser. Do you understand me?”

Onna pursed her lips, but nodded.

Satisfied, Raven whirled around and made her way out of her underground network of caverns, leaving Onna far behind. She strode through the slums, being her own lookout for the other Thief Lords and their followings. But they must have been busy that night because she sensed no one following or watching her and she came across no one from the other followings. She was alone this night, and she was thankful for that. She had a plan for revenge, and she was dangerous this night.

This night, Lord Sarlik would die.

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