Raven, Chapter 15-a

My following continued to grow and grow while the other Thief Lords’ remained at status quo. I was pleased, but they were not. I didn’t know they were planning on killing me, but thankfully Aven is always thinking of these things and was smart enough to keep eyes and ears out to keep me safe. I owe my life to Aven.
-writing on the cell wall

Quin leaned against the desk as he gave his report to Corinn, his arms crossed over his chest. He spoke quietly and concisely, reporting what he had heard and seen hiding out near Raven’s cavern network.

Corinn was leaning back in his seat, his fingers steepled. He had a grave look on his face with flashes of what looked like inspiration fleeting by every so often. Quin wasn’t sure what those looks meant, but he kept up his stream of words. He hardly ever knew what his Thief Lord was thinking, but he trusted Corinn. Corinn was probably the only one he truly trusted.
“Thank you, Quin,” Corinn said softly as his adviser finished.

“If I may ask,” Quin said carefully, “what exactly are you planning?”

“I’m not sure yet, Quin,” Corinn admitted. His adviser was the only one he would admit such a thing to. To the rest of the following, he knew exactly was he was doing at all moments. “But I find it interesting that Lord Almi went to visit Raven. Usually, Lady Almi goes to a Thief Lord on her own. And you said they both returned tonight?”

“That’s right.”

“Hmm. I don’t know what to think, but the three of them must be planning something.” He pursed his lips. “If only I could get into her cavern network, then I would know what she’s planning. Quin, follow the Almis when they leave. Keep an ear out just in case they discuss something related to what they want Raven for. We must undermine her, cut her down, make the nobility believe she is no longer trustworthy. Then we can better catch her off guard and be rid of her.”

Quin nodded and, without another word, turned on his heel and left Corinn to his thoughts. He was Corinn’s adviser, but the Thief Lord still assigned important work to him. And, sometimes, that work was more important than the adviser role he served for Corinn. He lived for that kind of work.

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