Recipe Review: Chocolate and Hazelnut Mug Cake from Mother of Girls

Last week I tried the Birthday Cake Surprise mug cake from Mother of Girls, because I thought my son would try it so I let him pick which one I made. Turns out I was wrong; he did not want to try it. It was delicious, but I’m a chocoholic, so I wished I had made the Chocolate and Hazelnut mug cake instead.

So I did. And it was as good as I expected based on how good the birthday cake one was!

My son wasn’t as interested in helping me this time, so I held my daughter and she got to watch me add all the ingredients and give it a good stir.


Note the dollop of Nutella on top. Do not mix this in! Just leave it looking pretty right there.

As I said in my previous post, my microwave sucks. But, this time, it was done in 90 seconds! I guess it wanted to let me know it wasn’t totally incapable? Whatever the reason, I got my cake.


But where did the Nutella go? Don’t worry! It’s right there in the middle, like a beautiful pleasant surprise.

And of course I had to top it with more Nutella. What can I say? I like chocolate.


This time I got to eat it right away. This time it was not tough and chewy. This time it was hot and burning my mouth. I have got to figure out my timing here…

I have to admit the cake itself was a tad dry, but, with the Nutella, it was amazing! All that chocolatey goodness made me very happy. Definitely make sure you add something; you probably don’t want the cake by itself unless you’re big on tons of frosting or plan on adding a bit more of the wet ingredients. Overall, though, this mug cake is delicious, so go and try it (find the recipe at Mother of Girls!).

5 forks!

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