How to Make Bread - a story and ratio recipe all in one
How to Make Bread
Let’s try something a little different. Please let me know if you enjoyed it, or thought it was completely bizarre.
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Ratio Recipe: Toasted Coconut Custard
Toasted Coconut Custard
A few weeks ago, I discovered a can of coconut milk sitting in the cabinet, about to expire. I hate
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Triple Berry Muffins - a recipe
Triple Berry Muffins
Now that Christmas has passed, our local markets seem to think it’s time for summer, and so they stock the
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A Year of Adventures in Ratio Baking
A Year of Adventures in Ratio Baking
About a year ago, I got it into my head that I’d like a kitchen scale and I’d like to
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Adventures in Ratio Baking: Let's Try Custard Again - making chocolate custard using ratio baking
Adventures in Ratio Baking: Let’s Try Custard Again
A few weeks ago, I tried making custard using it’s ratio of 2:1 dairy to eggs. Since it just says
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A Christmas Cookie Tradition
Neither an adventure in ratio baking nor a recipe this week. Instead, since it’s December, I wanted to write about
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Adventures in Ratio Baking: Apple Pie Time - using ratios to make pie dough
Adventures in Ratio Baking: Apple Pie Time
Pie scares me. I’ve only ever made one pie from scratch before. A chocolate pie using a recipe. It wasn’t
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Pumpkin Quick Bread: A Ratio Recipe that does not use eggs, unless you want it to
Pumpkin Quick Bread
I must thank Clever Girl Writes for this idea. I’m not a big fan of pumpkin. I enjoy one pumpkin
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Adventures in Ratio Baking: Custard
We’re kind of an accordion when it comes to eggs. Some weeks I have to fight my husband for just
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Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake: A Ratio Recipe
Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake
My mom developed an autoimmune disorder called Myasthenia Gravis almost 20 years ago. It was difficult for her to manage
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Ratio Recipe: Black Forest Inspired Cake
Black Forest Inspired Cake
Ah, October. A fine fall month complete with Halloween. It’s a time for pumpkins and apples, for sweaters and golden
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Funfetti cake - a ratio recipe
Funfetti Cake
Why have a plain yellow cake if you can have a funfetti cake? That’s the question my family asks. I
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Knock You Over the Head with Lemon Cupcakes - a ratio recipe
Knock You Over the Head with Lemon Cupcakes
The basic ingredients for a high ratio cake include flour, sugar, butter (fat), eggs, a liquid, and baking powder. Most
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Adventures in ratio baking: Chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting
Adventures in Ratio Baking: Chocolate Cake With Whipped Cream Frosting
I like to think I’ve finally mastered ratio baking a chocolate cake. A high ratio chocolate cake, that is. At
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Simple and easy summery tart using Graham crackers, thick yogurt, and fresh berries.
Berry Yogurt Tart
When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had to go in every week for a progesterone shot. Most days
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What Do I Do When I Want Cake, But No One Else Does?
Well, sometimes I make cupcakes and freeze most of them. Sometimes I look online for something like mug cakes! I
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Baker’s One Bowl Brownies
If you’ve ever picked up a bar of Baker’s unsweetened chocolate squares, you’ve probably seen this one. My mom and
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My Family’s Top 5 Go-to Dinners
I’m really bad at meal planning. I hate having to think about what’s for dinner. I’d rather be playing with
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Want to try scampi, but don't enjoy seafood? Try using chicken instead.
Chicken Scampi
This post was originally published on April 27th for National Shrimp Scampi Day without pictures.  I don’t eat seafood. But
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Want a NY Style Pizza...but you don't live in NY? Try this recipe!
Close to NY Style Pizza!
Hello All! So I made an attempt to make NY style pizza at home. There is a small story to
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Cooking Bone-In NY Strip
  I enjoy having steak! So I thought this week I’d share a nice recipe with you! There is a
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A variation of Rachael Ray's Spanish style beef and rice
Rachael Ray’s Spanish Style Beef and Rice
My mom has a habit of collecting recipes, and then never trying them out because she has so many. But
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Pasta with Sausage Sauce
This one is from my mom. Pasta was a family favorite growing up, but tomato sauce gets boring after awhile
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Asian Marinade
Actually, I don’t really know what to call this. I don’t even know where my mom got it from. Maybe
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