Requiem of a man growing old

Remember when my knees were scraped?
Remember when I crawled into your lap?
Remember that little child inside me?
Now I see the white, the gray
The cane and weathered hat
The wrinkled skin on face and palms
The knobby fingers once supple and strong
The hunched back in the rocking chair
Out on the front porch with the wind
Pale blue eyes fixed on the horizon
Huge glasses dangling on a thread
Forehead wrinkled in a frown
Looking towards the free sailing boats
Fingers twitch with the feel of wood
Beneath calloused tips from long ago
Salty sea air and seagulls surround
Picture perfect skies day after day
Crashing waves reach deaf ears
He doesn’t hear the creaking planks
That the child of long ago treads upon now
But he knows the child is still there
And reaches out a shaking hand
To clasp the hand of young flesh
And his soul and heart rise above
To sail once more over the sea.

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