Reuse It: 1 Liter Soda Bottle

Make a cake!

No, seriously. Make a cake. It’s a fun activity for kids and a great way to get dessert out of it. Oh, yeah, and it reuses a soda bottle.

Well, I had planned on using a milk gallon, but found the one I had been saving for this experiment missing. My son was really disappointed. So, I looked around, desperately hoping that gallon was hiding somewhere.

Nope. But I found a 1 liter soda bottle. That could work. After all, I just wanted something my toddler could shake to his heart’s desire. And he does love shaking up his daddy’s soda.

My son was thrilled and eagerly ran to drag a chair into the kitchen.

What You Need

  • A 1 liter soda bottle, cleaned and with the cap
  • A  cake box mix of your favorite cake recipe
  • The ingredients for the cake mix
  • A funnel (one made of paper works well for the dry ingredients)


Since our bottle was still a little wet, we had fun pouring the wet ingredients (the water, oil, and eggs) in through the funnel first. My son got a kick out of it. “It’s pooping!” Giggles uncontrollably.

We have a funnel with a small opening, so he became frustrated fast when it took forever to pour the mix in. Though he did have fun at first when he got to use a butter knife to encourage the mix to go through the hole. We found using a paper funnel was much faster as we could control the size of the opening.


Once everything is in, screw on the cap tightly. And hand over to your kid. Shake, shake, shake! We used a lemon cake mix, so it turned a lovely shade of yellow.


Now, how do I get the mix into the baking pan?

Fortunately, the plastic bottle is flexible. So it just took some squeezing and a little bit of a shake to get most of it out. My son had a great time with the squeezing. Again, “it’s pooping!” What is it with kids and poop?!


Bake the cake. And admire how flat you managed to get that bottle.


Mmm. Dessert.



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