Review Policy

3/3/22: As I am about to enter the busy season in my personal life, I must, unfortunately, temporarily close to requests. I do expect to reopen sometime at the end of May or June. Until then, please take a look at my Promote Your Novel page to see what else I can do for you to help promote your novel, and please do not submit review requests through my Contact page as I will not have the time to respond. Thank you!

I enjoy reading and writing book reviews, but with so many reviewers out there, I am under no illusions that you’d like me to read and review your book. However, anything is possible. With that in mind, here are my guidelines for what I will and won’t read and how I rate books.

I do my best to offer balanced reviews that are as objective as possible as I don’t believe in discouraging readers from picking up any book. That said, I will be clear about what I enjoyed and what I didn’t like.

I actively read and review self-published books.

Between schooling young children at home and wanting to spend more time on my own writing, I will be limiting the number of requests I accept, so my sincere apologies for not accepting your novel – I’m just really busy, so need to be a bit more choosy. I have also launched a personal reading challenge to add more diversity and inclusive worlds to what I read. For more information, please check out Diversity and Inclusivity Challenge 2022 since these are the kinds of novels I’m most interested in reading, in the following genres:

Genres Accepted: Often – Fantasy (adult only – I am not a YA reviewer); Sometimes – soft science fiction (no aliens, please), cozy mystery (big bonus if it has cats or food), thriller, chick lit, women’s fiction

Genres Not Accepted (list is not exhaustive): Nonfiction, YA, horror, hard science fiction, romance, erotica, children’s books, middle grade books

Most Common Reason Why I Decline to Review Your Novel: It’s fantasy, but tends more towards a YA audience. I do take a careful look at your novel and, if it appears to be geared towards YA and younger readers, I will most likely decline it.

Will Not Review Books That Contain: explicit and gratuitous sex/excessive sex scenes; excessive violence and blood (warfare based books, battles followed by more battles, graphic wars/battles, graphic gore, excessive blood, etc. I appreciate it may be necessary to the story, but, in that case, I am not the right reviewer for you); horror elements (for reference, the Goosebumps books scare me); vampires; werewolves; excessive cursing; rape; abuse; torture

File Types Accepted: MOBI, PDF, physical

Reviews Posted To: The Lily Cafe blog, Amazon, Goodreads, The Storygraph, Bookbub

Please note I will not respond to requests where it is apparent to me that this policy has not been perused.

To get an idea of the type of reviews I write, please feel free to explore my review pages of Books From the Big 5 and Self-Published, Indie, and Small Press Books.

I cannot guarantee that I will not rate any book less than a 3. I usually know within the first quarter of the book whether it is something I will enjoy, so, if you prefer only favorable reviews, please let me know and I will notify you if I am not enjoying the book approximately 25% of the way through and will cease to read it.

Would you like me to review your book? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!

Most Sincerely, Kat