Review Policy

9/6/2021: Thank you so much for considering me as a reviewer for your novel! At the moment, as I am homeschooling one child and have another learning online, my time is extremely limited. I am closed to review requests for the rest of the year, though please do head over to my Contact Page if you’d like to request an ARC review if your novel is set to be published between January and March of 2022. I will reopen for general requests in either November or December, though a review will not be published until next year. Thank you!

I enjoy reading and writing book reviews, but with so many reviewers out there, I am under no illusions that you’d like me to read and review your book. However, anything is possible. With that in mind, here are my guidelines for what I will and won’t read and how I rate books.

I do my best to offer balanced reviews that are as objective as possible as I don’t believe in discouraging readers from picking up any book. That said, I will be clear about what I enjoyed and what I didn’t like.

I actively read and review self-published books.

Genres Accepted: Fantasy (adult only – I am not a YA reviewer), soft science fiction (no aliens, please) , cozy mystery (big bonus if it has cats or food), thriller, chick lit, women’s fiction

Genres Not Accepted: Nonfiction, YA, horror, hard science fiction, romance, erotica, children’s books, middle grade books

Most Common Reason Why I Decline to Review Your Novel: It’s fantasy, but tends more towards a YA audience. I do take a careful look at your novel and, if it appears to be geared towards YA and younger readers, I will most likely decline it.

Will Not Review Books That Contain: explicit and gratuitous sex/excessive sex scenes; excessive violence and blood (warfare based books, battles followed by more battles, graphic wars/battles, graphic gore, excessive blood, etc. I appreciate it may be necessary to the story, but, in that case, I am not the right reviewer for you); horror elements (for reference, the Goosebumps books scare me); vampires; werewolves; excessive cursing; rape; abuse; torture

File Types Accepted: MOBI, PDF, physical

Reviews Posted To: The Lily Cafe blog, Amazon, Goodreads, The Storygraph, Bookbub

Please note I will not respond to requests where it is apparent to me that this policy has not been perused.

To get an idea of the type of reviews I write, please feel free to explore my review pages of Books From the Big 5 and Self-Published, Indie, and Small Press Books.

I cannot guarantee that I will not rate any book less than a 3. I usually know within the first quarter of the book whether it is something I will enjoy, so, if you prefer only favorable reviews, I will notify you if I am not enjoying the book approximately 25% of the way through and will cease to read it.

Would you like me to review your book? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading!

Most Sincerely, Kat