Dawn breaks
I know you’re here
Hear the waves against the boat
Hear the gulls’ first cries
Can you think of anything better?
I know I can’t
This makes me feel alive and happy
To know you are here always
Never to leave my side
You make me happy and you make me feel
Things I never thought I would
I’m glad you decided to join me
This trip would be lonely without you
Let me tell you I love you
Let me say you are mine
Can you think of anything better than this?
I know I can’t
Feel the soft sway of the boat
And know we are hundreds of miles from land
It’s just us and the sea for many more miles
I know we’ll make it, just you and I
I’m glad you joined me and made me happy
I would not be so jubilant otherwise
The ocean rocks you to sleep
The gulls awaken you at light
Watch for lighthouse beacons as we pass by
Little bits of land too small to call home
Can you think of anything better?
I know I can’t.
Just pray a storm doesn’t roll upon us.

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