We are tired (Kat more so than I) – as I imagine many of you and others are out there in the world. We’ve made a conscious choice to be present. So there are many functions and events that we do not currently attend. Simple outings are challenging. Let’s all commiserate as we discuss “going to the market for groceries.” Is the toddler car seat in? Is the baby seat in? Who will take care of one child to prepare him/her to go outside while other parent does the same for the other child? Going down the stairs is also an adventure in futility as our first born can be stubborn (parent’s revenge) and often want to do it entirely, and painfully slow – reframing – he’s learning to go down the stairs. Getting to the car is also an adventure as again the first born want to run – he’s just having fun. The finally, comes strapping in both kids. Let’s just say neither wants to be strapped in. Would you? I can relate. That’s just the beginning of the journey to the grocery store. But let’s be honest – would not trade that for anything. NOTHING. There are some clear limitations as to eating establishments and destinations. More fun outings require serious planning. Timing is often dependent on the willingness of the first and the need to feed of the second. Our definition of date night has been slightly altered for the time being. Life is an amazing journey. I get to do the very things that I missed out on during a time where I was very malleable. Life really is a balancing act. At each stage of life we are getting experience with balance. I’ll let your imagination fill in this very broad statement. I enjoy doing that so I won’t bore you with my meager version. However, I’ll say, in no particular order, that we balance ourselves (if we are lucky), careers (which include stay at home moms/dads), then relationships, then kids (along with relationships). I really do look at things from this perspective – it keeps me sane. Though I will jest a little about sanity because let’s be honest that too is out the window. For me, every aspect of life is about balance, as well as, reframing. Why do we choose this path? Why do we become parents? The joy of birth? That joy is relative especially if you are the mother giving birth. The joy of watching our children grow up? No sleep; limitations on personal freedom; the struggle of getting kids to eat, poop and pea. We are all on this tiny blue ball in an expansive universe. There is joy in all of it. Pain and joy go together. Sadness and happiness. Love and hate. We all search for meaning in the things that we do. The meaning is in each of us – in the process. I have learned so much about thinking of others -especially when it comes to my wife and kids! Though tired, I wouldn’t trade this experience. My family is everything. Both kids are growing up and I get to be the role model I never had. My son told me recently that he misses me when I leave for work. I told him I miss you too. That’s it for now. Until next time – same bat time and same bat channel.

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