Surviving Toddlerhood Guest: Just Breathe Mama With Some Tips for Disciplining a Toddler

Disciplining a toddler can be freakishly difficult and tricky. Here are some great tips and ideas from Just Breathe Mama!

It is so so so important that when you are disciplining a toddler that you and your partner are on the same page. If you are not on the same page, toddlers totally know that and will start manipulating one of you. And then in return, this usually results in a fight between mom and […]

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    […] Let’s not forget the tantrums. The dreaded, inevitable tantrums. The important thing is to remember to stay calm. When you get worked up, your toddler gets even more worked up. Stay calm and be the emotional anchor your child needs. I’m a behaviorist at heart, so my tips come from that center. To take a look at what I do and what I learned as a behavior interventionist, hop on over here or check out what Just Breathe Mama had to say. […]

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