Surviving Toddlerhood Guest: The Uncensored Mother and What She Learns From Her Threenager

We’ve all heard of the terrible two’s and the threenager. Sure, it can be awful and soul crushing. But these toddlers are just finding their voice and, as parents, we need to be there to guide them.

Today’s guest post comes via The Uncensored Mother and is all about raising that threenager and what she learns from here every day.

You know those moms you see with the toddlers who are unruly, little assholes? The ones you get embarrassed for because of their child’s behaviour? The ones you can’t stop staring at in the grocery store, and quietly mutter to yourself, “WHY do they even bring their kids in public?” Yeah. Me too. All to […]

via Surviving the “Threenager” — The Uncensored Mother

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