• Book Review: Thousand Sunny Queen by Mike Aaron

    Book Review: Thousand Sunny Queen by Mike Aaron

    Title: Thousand Sunny Queen Author: Mike Aaron Publisher:¬†self-published Publication date: June 20, 2019 Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Humor Summary: Jennifer King wants to be a pirate. Trained by the reclusive Kingston Clink, she spends her childhood learning all the skills she’ll need to protect herself and realize her dream. At 17, she sets out from the little Caribbean island she grew up on and heads for Africa, meeting an assortment of people who teach her something about herself and offer friendship and other questionable relationships. Through it all, Jennifer just wants to be a pirate. Jennifer is off her rocker crazy. But I think that’s why I loved her. She’s clearly…

  • Sleep Deprived Dreams

    My daughter seems to be teething non-stop these days. While I’m glad she has more than two teeth, it means she sleeps very fitfully. Any noise will wake her. She’ll take an hour to settle down. She’ll just want to be held for an hour. And the teeth come in one…at…a…time. This mommy is tired. For as long as I can remember, I have always had bouts of vivid dreams. Sometimes they only lasted a week. Sometimes they occurred almost every night for a month. I drew inspiration from them, used them as the foundations of my stories. I looked forward to sleep just so I could escape into an…

  • Coming Event: Jennifer M. Zeiger

    The Lily Cafe is excited to announce, for one day only, a special appearance by author Jennifer M. Zeiger and her exciting Choose Your Own Advnture book The Adventure Thursday, March 29th Be sure to check out her book beforehand!