Berry Yogurt Tart (revisited)

Wow, this one was from about 2 years ago, when my mom and I used to take my baby and toddler to the local farmer's market and buy up some French-style yogurt. Now I'm too paranoid to go to farmer's markets, but am really suddenly missing this yogurt, and the too good berry tarts I … Continue reading Berry Yogurt Tart (revisited)

Triple Berry Muffins

Now that Christmas has passed, our local markets seem to think it's time for summer, and so they stock the produce section with berries. Considering I live in Southern California, warm weather in January is possible (70s and sunny all week!), so I suppose they're not wrong about summer approaching. Alas, it isn't quite berry … Continue reading Triple Berry Muffins

Berry Yogurt Tart

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had to go in every week for a progesterone shot. Most days were fairly routine: get my son into the car, drive over, get shot. But, on Wednesdays, it was: get my son into the car, drive over, walk through a farmer's market, get shot, walk out … Continue reading Berry Yogurt Tart