Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #10

And it's summer here in Southern California! Wait, I take that back. We're back to spring. After temperatures got seriously close to 100 degrees late last week, it's nice to finally plunge 20+ degrees. Though spring is a fun time for us as the song birds and pigeons make their return to torment my cat. … Continue reading Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #10

The Lily Cafe Digest #22

I'm not sure what's happened over the past few weeks, but somehow the below things posted. Just looking at some of them has me scratching my head a little because I think I went through the last few weeks in a complete haze. A complete haze in which all I saw and dreamed about were … Continue reading The Lily Cafe Digest #22

What’s Been Going On

There was supposed to be a review today, one for a Greek mythology inspired book with a whole lot of family complications. But the publication date was pushed back and I somehow don't have another review to fill this space. Originally, I was going to leave it alone and just post the next part in … Continue reading What’s Been Going On

Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #9

Breaks are never really long enough, are they? Well, I'm back and reasonably ready to get back into this blogging thing. As I mentioned in my previous Upcoming post (don't worry, I didn't remember what I wrote in it until I started on this one), this spring sees my family house hunting. The next 3 … Continue reading Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #9

The Lily Cafe Digest #21

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking of changing my blog theme for, um, the (pick a number)th time. Which doesn't really impact much anyways since I think at least half of my views are through the Reader, but, just in case someone is actually at the site, things would have looked different. But, … Continue reading The Lily Cafe Digest #21

Stumbling Through…Works?

stumbling through works

This could also be titled "The Day I Discovered One of My Reviews Was Quoted in a Book Published by One of the Big 5 Publishers," but that just seemed too long. Hm, are there limits on how long a blog post title can be? Now that the new year is in full swing, I've … Continue reading Stumbling Through…Works?

Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #8

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful, healthy, and restful (?) holiday season, and I hope we all remember to write 2022. I know I'll need a couple of months to get the hang of it. Right now, I'm just hoping I remember to write and give the correct year to my kids … Continue reading Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #8

The Lily Cafe Digest #20

And we made it through another year! I can't tell you just how ready I am for the next two weeks off. For me and for my kids. For two weeks, I get to just be mom instead of mom and teacher. Not that it'll actually take much of a load off my shoulders, but … Continue reading The Lily Cafe Digest #20


Just a quick note to say the next couple of weeks will be a bit scrambled. I got my COVID booster over the weekend and, while it's not as severe as the 5 days I spent really unwell after getting the initial vaccine, this round comes with the unfortunate side effect of stiff and sore … Continue reading Scrambled

This Week On and Off the Blog

Here in the States, this is Thanksgiving week. My kids are off school and we're preparing food to take over to my parents' house. It's going to be a busy, loud week, so I don't have any big plans for the blog. This week, I have a single review. It'll post on Tuesday, and then … Continue reading This Week On and Off the Blog