A Letter from my Daughter

Dear Mom, You love me and take care of me and show me different things. But there is something you and Dad do that confuses me. Mom, I started crawling at six and a half months. I started pulling myself up to stand not long after. I even try taking steps on my own! When … Continue reading A Letter from my Daughter

Baby, Don’t Grow Up Too Fast

At my daughter's 6 month doctor appointment, her pediatrician gave me a baffled look. I had one kid. Did I not know what I was talking about? "How is everything going?" "She's been trying to crawl for the past few weeks." The pediatrician laughed. Then, a few minutes later: "How is tummy time going?" "She … Continue reading Baby, Don’t Grow Up Too Fast

Surviving Baby’s First Cold

Is it normal for a baby getting sick for the first time to act like he or she isn't sick? Maybe. Maybe not. I don't know. My son caught his first cold at 8 months, my daughter at 7 months. When my son got sick, he had just learned to crawl. I always thought a … Continue reading Surviving Baby’s First Cold