The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams by Jeff Russell

Title: The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams Author: Jeff Russell Publisher: Cabern Publishing Publication date: February 6, 2016 Genre: Medical Thriller Summary: At Eden, you can live the rest of your life in dreams of your own creation. For newly minted Dr. Katrina “Kat” Hammond and her mother, Gloria, this becomes the only viable solution … Continue reading The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams by Jeff Russell

Baby, Don’t Grow Up Too Fast

At my daughter's 6 month doctor appointment, her pediatrician gave me a baffled look. I had one kid. Did I not know what I was talking about? "How is everything going?" "She's been trying to crawl for the past few weeks." The pediatrician laughed. Then, a few minutes later: "How is tummy time going?" "She … Continue reading Baby, Don’t Grow Up Too Fast

My love, part 4

The last part of this long poem. Happy February, everyone! Now I'm off to wait for Spring. Proving love was stronger than time and passage I knew he was meant to be mine One day a new doctor came to the clinic I decided it was time for a check-up The new doctor became my … Continue reading My love, part 4

The Open Door

Chapter Four Tuesday afternoon I arrived at Aunt Guinevere’s house at around four in the afternoon. Aunt Guinevere wasn’t at home. Mom, who was feeling much better and was making a pie when I arrived, said she had gone to visit the doctor again. I frowned. “But she was just there last week.” Mom sighed. … Continue reading The Open Door