Book Review: The Dragon Princess by Paris Hansch

Book Review: The Dragon Princess by Paris Hansch - the first book in the fantasy series Empire of the Dragon Gods

Title: The Dragon Princess Author: Paris Hansch Publisher: Origin Publications Publication date: April 5, 2020 Genre: Fantasy Summary: Before she can be crowned empress of the empire, the princess goes missing. Two years later, Anadrieth is on the brink of war with neighboring Lanadrin. Without a reigning dragon couple, the empire is teetering on the edge. Lord Alexander works tirelessly to … Continue reading Book Review: The Dragon Princess by Paris Hansch

The Thing About Dragons

I love dragons. I think they're my favorite mythical creature. There was a point in time where I would not read a book if it didn't have a dragon. When I think of dragons, I think of majestic, noble creatures. They're wise and maybe a bit frosty. But their elegance when they take to the … Continue reading The Thing About Dragons