• Dreamer’s express

    I dreamed last night Of wild stallions And silvery moons A forest so dense And full of life A deer crossed my pasture A flock of birds flew overhead But the sea dominated Bright fish flickered and dove In deep blue waters Colorful coral sculpted to perfection Sandy ocean shore full of shells Calm waters and peaceful life I dreamed last night of Underwater paradise Sunlight shafting through Piercing the still surface With golden beams from angels I dreamed last night Of pastures and forests And the deep blue ocean.

  • Island Hideaway

    When I want to be alone I retreat To my island hideaway Away from all people Where I am alone Where I am never disturbed My island hideaway Tall, leafy trees Brilliant, large flowers My island hideaway Where no one but me can go Where the water shines In the glorious sunlight Where flashy fish show off It is damp and cool My island hideaway My home of imagination A place for recreation Where no one can find me A place for only myself Bright, white moon overhead I sleep in peace at last My island hideaway A peace settles And I am safe