• Book Review: Cuteness Overlord by Mike Aaron

    Book Review: Cuteness Overlord by Mike Aaron

    Title: Cuteness Overlord Author: Mike Aaron Publisher: Self-published Publication date: August 4, 2017 Genre: Science Fiction Summary: Carl Shan is destined for greatness, if only people would listen to him and recognize his genius. One day, he decided that’s it, he’s going to travel 100 years into the future where his genius can be praised. Unfortunately, things don’t work out quite as he imagined, especially when he finds himself being chased by bloodthirsty, adorable baby animals and gets his lights punched out by the alluring Vanessa. Self-published by Mike Aaron from the Association of Merry Makers, I was hooked by the baby animals and the humor that was present from…

  • All is past

    My mind’s a mess I can’t decide What to do In the times I face I’m trapped with no help No help at all I face this alone and on my own I don’t need help I’ll find my way Worry not Fear not It will come to pass The future will take care of itself There’s nothing more to be done The days are set The past is done It cannot be broken All is past.