Queen of the Garden of Girls, Part 39

Chapter Thirteen continued "Do you think Elaina is falling in love with me?" "Sir?" Nigel asked as he crouched down beside his master to pry the weed from his grasp. Robert's eyes strayed back to the sky as he let Nigel take possession of the cursed plant. "Elaina is so different. Even though countless women … Continue reading Queen of the Garden of Girls, Part 39

Queen of the Garden of Girls, Part 38

Chapter Thirteen Emily was sweet and young, a perfectly effusive young lady, but Mother constantly called her uncivilized and drove her from the Hall in tears. I never really got to know her since she was only my companion for three days before Mother had had enough. I planted the __ for her out of … Continue reading Queen of the Garden of Girls, Part 38

Black as Light, Part 5

I don't know how I could have been so stupid, but I decided to remain. Who was I to abandon my oldest friend to a bunch of monsters? When I finally found the kitchen, my helmet now tucked firmly under an arm, I caught Flavian rustling around in the cabinets looking for more cinnamon sticks. … Continue reading Black as Light, Part 5

The Open Door

Chapter Five Thursday morning I had wanted to see Aunt Guinevere and Mom on Wednesday, but I had to work most of the day and was absolutely exhausted when I got home from the office. Being a paralegal isn’t easy, especially when the lawyers you work for are the only ones in town. At least … Continue reading The Open Door