Book Review: Sacred Bride by David Hair and Cath Mayo

Title: Sacred Bride, Book 3 in the Olympus series Authors: David Hair and Cath Mayo Publisher: Canelo Publication date: October 14, 2019 Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fantasy Summary: In Book 3 of the Olympus series, tension between Achaea (Greece) and Troy…

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Book Review: Oracle’s War by David Hair and Cath Mayo

Title: Oracle’s War Author: David Hair and Cath Mayo Publisher: Can help Publication date: April 29, 2019 Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Greek mythology Summary: In the second book of the Olympus Series, Odysseus, one of Athena’s champions, finds himself…

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Book Review: Athena’s Champion by David Hair and Cath Mayo

Title: Athena’s Champion Author: David Hair and Cath Mayo Publisher: Canelo Adventure Publication date: November 8, 2018 Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy Summary: Prince Odysseus of Ithaca travels with his family to Pythos to be anointed…

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