Balancing Blogging and Living

On Tuesdays, I usually share the stories, writing related posts, book reviews, and book releases I've come across over the past week. Last week I was fortunate to host an author and his nonfiction book Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow. I had planned on doing another stories, etc. post today, but I must also be a … Continue reading Balancing Blogging and Living

The KonMari Method Won’t Work in My Household

I grew up in a cluttered house. My mom did her best to keep it tidy, but it wasn't easy with 3 kids and a husband who collected furniture (we once had four tables and desks in the family room, not counting the coffee table). I wasn't the tidiest kid and my closet was where … Continue reading The KonMari Method Won’t Work in My Household

On Blogging and Blogging Fatigue

First of all, I don't even know if blogging fatigue exists, but it should. I'm exhausted. And I'm too tired to actually look it up. Second of all, this was supposed to be a post about how to be a blogging mom who is engaged with the community. But...blurg. I really hadn't actually planned to write a … Continue reading On Blogging and Blogging Fatigue

How to be a Blogging Mom Who Doesn’t Over Share

How much sharing is too much? This bounces around my head all the time. I have certain boundaries regarding my husband and children, though will shamelessly share everything about my cat. Recently, I found out one of my college classmates was this year's commencement speaker at our alma mater. Since we graduated 9 years ago, … Continue reading How to be a Blogging Mom Who Doesn’t Over Share

Father Fridays

Food will be taking a back seat this month. Here in the States we celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday in June. In honor of that, The Lily Cafe will be featuring a series of fatherhood posts written by The Husband, as well as a dad or more. Dads, if you're interested in being … Continue reading Father Fridays

Mother’s Day is About My Children

I have a fantastic mother. No, really. She's amazing and wonderful and I want to be just like her. Growing up, I did my best to take care of my mom on Mother's Day, to let her know I appreciated her. Whatever she wanted, my dad, siblings, and I did our best to give it … Continue reading Mother’s Day is About My Children