Parenting with Psychology: Erik Erikson’s Stages of Development

I spent a lot of time in psychology classes. I guess that's what happens when you decide you want to be a psychology major and then get a higher degree in it. Though my focus was on clinical psychology with the goal of working with people with psychiatric disorders, I was more interested in children … Continue reading Parenting with Psychology: Erik Erikson’s Stages of Development

The KonMari Method Won’t Work in My Household

I grew up in a cluttered house. My mom did her best to keep it tidy, but it wasn't easy with 3 kids and a husband who collected furniture (we once had four tables and desks in the family room, not counting the coffee table). I wasn't the tidiest kid and my closet was where … Continue reading The KonMari Method Won’t Work in My Household

The Devices Stay Home

My kids have free access to tablets and sometimes their dad's smart phone (I still proudly use a flip phone, so it's not as much fun). When we're home. With the exception of my husband's phone (of course), all devices stay home as a rule. I started this as soon as our oldest child had … Continue reading The Devices Stay Home

The Power of a Lullaby

Growing Up With Music Growing up, music was important to my family. My siblings and I were forced into piano lessons, which we took for a varying number of years. But we also independently chose violin, guitar, clarinet, flute, and harp. Not that any of us claim any proficiency anymore. But, before we even began … Continue reading The Power of a Lullaby

How I…Am Selecting an Elementary School for My Child

Before we moved, we lived in what felt like the suburbs of the suburbs. It was a quiet area, but had plenty for us to do. Actually, we loved living there. We had our son's entire educational career planned out. Then we moved to a bustling metropolis. L.A. is huge and sprawling to the point … Continue reading How I…Am Selecting an Elementary School for My Child

My Mom Truths

Over the past couple of months, I've been thinking about the direction I want my blog to take. I loved doing what I was doing last year, but not when it comes to my motherhood posts. Sometimes I would write a post and then worry so much about it that it would never get posted. … Continue reading My Mom Truths


Respect. We all want it. We all demand it. We parents especially demand it from our children. But it can be so hard to give. I was raised in a Chinese American family (emphasis on the Chinese and the American) with grandparents and a father who still upheld the traditions of the old world and … Continue reading Respect

Berry Yogurt Tart

Simple and easy summery tart using Graham crackers, thick yogurt, and fresh berries.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had to go in every week for a progesterone shot. Most days were fairly routine: get my son into the car, drive over, get shot. But, on Wednesdays, it was: get my son into the car, drive over, walk through a farmer's market, get shot, walk out … Continue reading Berry Yogurt Tart

I Am A Perfect Mom

It's true. I am. And, odds are, you are, too. But that's impossible! The perfect mom, that supermom, she is unattainable! Is she? Is she really? What is a perfect mom? The perfect mom is always presentable with absolutely adorable, presentable children who are always on their best behavior. She has her life together and … Continue reading I Am A Perfect Mom

Baking with Young Children Tip #4

In lieu of a daily question on Fridays this month, I’ll be giving a baking with young children tip. I’ve switched up Fridays this month to highlight dads, but I can’t bring myself to forego food entirely. Baking tip #4: Utilize the measuring cups you aren't using to entertain your little ones. I don't know … Continue reading Baking with Young Children Tip #4