Book Review: The Last Shadow Knight by Michael Webb

Title: The Last Shadow Knight Author: Michael Webb Publisher: Self-published Publication date: April 1, 2021 Genre: Fantasy One Sentence Summary: Veron is a thief, until he tries to steal from a reclusive man and ends up training to possibly be the one person who can stop an invading king. I am so glad I read this one! When the author … Continue reading Book Review: The Last Shadow Knight by Michael Webb

The Dragon’s Cave by Rose-Marie Lyttle

Title: The Dragon's Cave Author: Rose-Marie Lyttle Publisher: Wilrose Dream Ventures Publication date: August 13, 2018 Genre: Middle Grade/Teen, Fantasy Please note I received this book for free from Kindle Scout. Summary: It was an ordinary day for seventh grader Seamus: running with the cross country team, running with and rescuing friend/crush Lacey, fight with best … Continue reading The Dragon’s Cave by Rose-Marie Lyttle

Black as Light, part 13

The basilisk turned his head in Tanith’s general direction. “Begin? Oh, yes, of course.” “And you can put your papers on the table,” Tanith said. “Table?” Virgil said, peering through his glasses. He leaned forward until his nose was practically touching the varnished surface. “Dear me, it is a table. I hadn’t noticed. And here … Continue reading Black as Light, part 13

Black as Light, part 12

We all stood on the bridge the following morning, just staring at each other. Euclid, trembling uncontrollably, was held tightly between Tanith and I. The misunderstood creatures stood in fright of the knights and the knights stood in fright of the misunderstood creatures. “Release my daughter!” King Adam said authoritatively from astride his clearly trembling … Continue reading Black as Light, part 12

Black as Light, part 11

“Tanith!” Eva yelled. “In here!” Tanith called back from the library, where we sat with Virgil, Drago, Manny, Bede, and Euclid. Books on diplomacy and books containing copies of hundreds of treaties lay open around us. We seven would be taking care of the treaty business, but only Tanith had any idea of what to … Continue reading Black as Light, part 11

Black as Light, part 10

“Tanith, we’ve got four days to figure this out.” “Four days?” she said in surprise. “What do you mean?” “I mean, your father is amassing an army of knights from all over and they’re going to storm this castle in four days.” “They can’t!” Eva gasped, covering her mouth with her hands. “You can’t let … Continue reading Black as Light, part 10

Black as Light, part 9

Walking back through Bottlecreek, I could believe that. Walking back to the Black Castle, I couldn’t. I should have gone hiding behind my couch with all the other knights and let the king’s army storm the castle. But then Tanith would never forgive me. I would never hear the end of it. I sighed and … Continue reading Black as Light, part 9

Black as Light, part 8

I couldn’t believe it. I was really walking back across the moat, headed back for Bottlecreek. Well, actually, I guess I could believe it. I had spent months imagining myself heading back to town triumphant. But I had always imagined Tanith would be with me and the monsters, er, misunderstood creatures, would be vanquished. Instead, … Continue reading Black as Light, part 8

Black as Light, part 7

“When are you going back to the castle for the sword?” Tanith asked, sitting beside me in the library. For once, the castle was quiet since Gina had gone to spend the evening with the harpies and had dragged Euclid along with her. I assumed Flavian was raiding the kitchen again for more cinnamon and … Continue reading Black as Light, part 7

Black as Light, part 6

Anyways, dinner was surprisingly delicious and my conversation with Tanith and Eva, who sat across from me, and Flavian, who sat across from Tanith, was more entertaining than I thought it would be. We talked about everything from my childhood with Tanith to Tanith’s sisters to Eva’s gardens to the various types of oranges that … Continue reading Black as Light, part 6