Finding Magic in Motherhood, Part 8: The Fears, the Symptoms, the Uncertainties

As overjoyed as I was to learn I had conceived so soon after miscarrying and to see such an amazingly dark line, it was quickly tempered by fear, worry, and doubt. This time around was…

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Finding Magic in Motherhood, Part 7: I Should Have Known Something Was Going On

Despite my husband’s reassurances, I was prepared for the long wait for another positive pregnancy test. The doctor had said to wait 3 months, but we had decided to not follow his advice. Still, there…

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I Don’t Know Whether to Celebrate or Grieve Whenever I Get My Period

As a teenager, menstrual cycles were annoying, gross, and pointless. I had no intention of having kids and just wanted to rip my uterus out. After I met The Husband, they were a cause to…

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