• The Devil’s Vampire

    Amos fell asleep with a heavy heart. He could feel the disappointment of everyone crushing him on all sides. He was a failure. They knew it; he knew it. And he dreamed…                                    Of dark beauty… And deceptions…                                                                   Of a blood hunter… A vampire… She was tall and slender, quick and graceful. Her ebony hair fell down her back in shimmering waves. Her eyes were large and dark and her skin was flawless ivory. She wore a black gown that clung to her. She was perfect. She geld out a hand and he took it, mesmerized. “I am Leila, Amos,” she said softly. “Leila,” he repeated in a whisper…

  • I am death

    I am your savior I am your taskmaster (Or mistress in this sense) I am your hunter I seek to steal Your precious life To suck the sweet blood from your body I seek only to deliver you To my master down below But whether or not you get there I may never know But your blood is still mine The sweetness of it upon my lips I deliver you from torment I dictate your life I hunt your soul So I might make it my master’s Yes, you are his For eternity. The accompanying story will come on Thursday!