Top 5 Saturday: Dark Reads

top 5 dark reads

Top 5 Saturday is run by Amanda @ Devouring Books. Every week showcases 5 books that share a common theme. This week's theme is Dark Reads, so fitting for Halloween weekend. Once, I liked to think I enjoyed dark reads, but then I started scaring myself, so read them very sparingly until I just...stopped. There … Continue reading Top 5 Saturday: Dark Reads

Black as Light, Part 6

The room Eva showed me to was right across the hall from Tanith's and, thankfully, none of the monsters were quartered in that part of the hall. They called it the “Human Visitors Quarters.” Ferguson wasn't considered a human. He was a werewolf to them and he seemed perfectly happy about it, so it was … Continue reading Black as Light, Part 6

Black as Light, Part 1

From deep in my writing files (high school) comes this poorly and oddly titled short story. Which reminds, I need a new title! Also, originally posted a few years ago if it sounds familiar to you. This is my favorite short story, so I thought I would start Writing Wednesdays off with it. There … Continue reading Black as Light, Part 1

Black as Light, part 13

The basilisk turned his head in Tanith’s general direction. “Begin? Oh, yes, of course.” “And you can put your papers on the table,” Tanith said. “Table?” Virgil said, peering through his glasses. He leaned forward until his nose was practically touching the varnished surface. “Dear me, it is a table. I hadn’t noticed. And here … Continue reading Black as Light, part 13

Black as Light, part 4

I don’t know how I could have been so stupid, but I decided to remain. Who was I to abandon my oldest friend to a bunch of monsters? When I finally found the kitchen, my helmet now tucked firmly under an arm, I caught Flavian rustling around in the cabinets looking for more cinnamon sticks. … Continue reading Black as Light, part 4

Black as Light, part 3

That corner had been darkened, but I could clearly make out that the Princess Tanith was standing surrounded by two ghastly gray gargoyles and an incredible pallid zombie chewing on his fingers as though frightened. “It’s just a rosebud, Euclid!” Tanith shouted. “Gray, Gina did not, I repeat, did not switch the green and white … Continue reading Black as Light, part 3

Black as Light, part 1

There is an old castle of black stone that sits atop the hill overlooking the quaint town of Bottlecreek ruled by the widower King Adam, who has just seven “infuriatingly acute daughters who have an incredible lack of desire to marry.” The Black Castle, as all of Bottlecreek has taken to calling it, is in … Continue reading Black as Light, part 1