Book Review: Thousand Sunny Queen by Mike Aaron

Book Review: Thousand Sunny Queen by Mike Aaron

Title: Thousand Sunny Queen Author: Mike Aaron Publisher: self-published Publication date: June 20, 2019 Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Humor Summary: Jennifer King wants to be a pirate. Trained by the reclusive Kingston Clink, she spends her childhood learning all the skills she'll need to protect herself and realize her dream. At 17, she sets out from the … Continue reading Book Review: Thousand Sunny Queen by Mike Aaron

Raven, Chapter 20

In those early days, we all lost followers. It was painful, but they knew what they had gotten themselves into. There was fierce loyalty on all sides, in all followings. It took nearly a year, and many deaths and rampant fear in the slums, but the other Thief Lords finally reluctantly acknowledged me as a … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 20

Raven, Chapter 18

The peace agreement was violated. I was barely welcome as a Thief Lord, hadn't been officially offered the seat yet. Deryk, Edvin, and Corinn, the surviving Thief Lords, thought they could unseat me before I became a Thief Lord recognized by them. They tried to kill me. But they didn't count on how loyal my … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 18

Raven, Chapter 17

The other Thief Lords did not welcome the peace agreement. It threw the council for a loop, made it different. But they couldn't avoid the fact that some of their followers were starting to join my following. You see, I paid my people. I gave them luxuries. I gave them a home. I gave them … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 17

Raven, Chapter 16

The three remaining Thief Lords descended on me and my following one afternoon. Aven was smart enough to appoint guards and it's a good thing he did that. We would all be dead if not for those guards. As it was, we barely managed to get the Thief Lords surrounded. Our peace agreement came out … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 16

Raven, Chapter 15

My following continued to grow and grow while the other Thief Lords' remained at status quo. I was pleased, but they were not. I didn't know they were planning on killing me, but thankfully Aven is always thinking of these things and was smart enough to keep eyes and ears out to keep me safe. … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 15

Raven, Chapter 13

The Thief Lords opposed my claim. But the followers kept coming. I rewarded and paid my people. I treated them like people, not servants. Two of the Thief Lords came for my head. But they lost their lives. Their followers quickly became my own. -writing on the cell wall   Lady Almi couldn't believe what … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 13

Raven, Chapter 12

Aven and I worked hard to bring in loyal followers. They were shy of following a girl, but I proved myself to them. I was a good leader, kind, but firm, giving, yet demanding. My followers were steadfastly loyal. Finally, it was time to face the remaining Thief Lords to establish myself as one of … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 12

Raven, Chapter 11

Aven took me away right away. He knew there would be trouble from the other Thief Lords. He wanted to protect me. So, he took me underground into secret tunnels only he and a few others knew about under the Sapphire District. There, we worked our magic and developed a following, a following Aven allowed … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 11