No Tomorrow, Part 70

10:00 pm - continued Their glasses clinked between the two white taper candles burning brightly on the small, round table they sat at. The simple wooden table was covered with a silky white cloth, making it look a little more elegant for the newlyweds. Fresh roses in three vases sat on the table and around … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 70

No Tomorrow, Part 69

10:00 pm - continued She couldn’t help it; even on the last day of Earth, she still felt compelled to look out for her little sister, especially since Sabrina was always so boy crazy. Any one of these guys might take off with her and take advantage of her. How many guys here were looking … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 69

No Tomorrow, Part 68

10:00 pm She smoothed her daughter’s hair back from her forehead as Alice finished off a slice of chocolate cake, her favorite. Her normally vivacious little girl was solemn and sad now that she’d said her last good byes to her best friend and knew she would never see Iris again. Grace’s heart twisted at … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 68

No Tomorrow, Part 67

9:00 pm - continued “Always, sweetie. Are you ready?” “As ready as I’ll ever be.” Jenna gave a shaky laugh. “Let’s just get this over with before I lose my nerve.” “Just remember you always have an out if you want it.” Sylvie paused for a moment, just to make sure Jenna was ready. “Okay, … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 67

No Tomorrow, Part 66

9:00 pm - continued It was past nine when Jenna woke up, groggy from her impromptu nap. Her book slid off her chest and onto her bed, closing with a dull snap as it did. She hadn’t gotten far before she’d fallen asleep, her tears drying on her cheeks. More often than not, crying tended … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 66

No Tomorrow, Part 65

9:00 pm She ran a hand over the piano her parents had purchased back when Jared had been taking lessons, when she had been just a baby, no more than six months old, her mother used to say. Following her older brother, she and Valentine had been the only ones to take lessons, though both … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 65

No Tomorrow, Part 64

8:00 pm - continued Gently, as Abigail parted from her friends, Grant took her hand so he wouldn’t lose her in the crowd. Together, they wound through and out of the crowded stadium. Grant still wondered where the food was, but he knew he had something better planned up on the hill. The noise quieted … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 64

No Tomorrow, Part 63

8:00 pm - continued By eight that night, Perkins Stadium was already hopping. Cars were parked haphazardly in the parking lot and in the surrounding streets. Music was pounding from a stage in the center of the field, run by five DJs who believed music and spreading music around the world was their life’s mission, … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 63

No Tomorrow, Part 62

8:00 pm “Ace,” he said, placing the ace of spades down on the table between them, resignation in his voice. Anna grinned and turned her card to face him. “Two,” she said, scooping up the ace and sliding her two of clubs to the bottom of her half of the deck. Jacob sighed and shuffled … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 62

No Tomorrow, Part 61

7:00 pm - continued As the last child left, Jenna felt like she was being smothered by her parents as they were trying to get out the door. She loved her parents, she really did, but they weren’t giving her a moment of peace. It was getting to the point where she was vacillating between … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 61