Book Review: Cynetic Wolf by Matt Ward

Book Review: Cynetic Wolf by Matt Ward - a YA dystopian novel

Title: Cynetic Wolf Author: Matt Ward Publisher: Myrmani Press Publication date: March 22, 2020 Genre: Science fiction, YA, Dystopian Summary: It starts simply enough: something with six claws killed someone. While out hunting for the six clawed thing, wolfish Raek discovers a startling secret about himself. Half animote (human-animal hybrid) and half cynetic (human-machine hybrid), he's something of a freak, and … Continue reading Book Review: Cynetic Wolf by Matt Ward

Raven, Chapter 9

Chapter Nine I made Teryk a rich man. He gave me many spoils, but I hungered for more. What he gave me wasn't enough. There was always more. He laughed whenever I asked for more. So, I plotted his demise. -writing on the cell wall The Dirty Pig Tavern was just as dirty as its … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 9

Raven, Chapter 8

Chapter Eight The first time I met Teryk, I was terrified. But he turned out to be quite pleased with me. He took me under his wing and finished my training himself. I quickly became the best little thief in his following. -the writing on the cell wall Caidy came out of a deep sleep … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 8

Raven, Chapter 5

Chapter Five The boys came out of nowhere. To this day, I have no idea who they were. They began to beat me, but a bellow stopped them. My eyes were swelling shut as I heard their screams of agony. The last thing I remember seeing is a boy some years older than me standing … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 5

Raven, Chapter 4

Chapter Four Living in the streets of the slums was hard. I had no friends, knew no one. The other street kids all seemed to belong to someone. I didn't, and they picked on me for it. I was almost killed one night. If it hadn't been for Aven, I would be dead right now. … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 4

Raven, Chapter 3

Chapter Three Until my parents died, I had no notion of living on the streets. It was terrifying. I was afraid most days and nights. I stole what little I could just to get by. I was cold and hungry most of the time. -the writing on the cell wall It was the middle of … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 3

NaNoWriMo: The Runaway Queen, Part 20

"And you," Allison responded, trying to use as few words as possible. Alyssum's eyes darted around the immobile group. Quickly, she smiled brightly and clapped her hands before the widespread stillness could become awkward. "Come. Let us take our seats." Landick, Talone, and Jonathan shuffled themselves around so that Allison sat opposite the sorceress and … Continue reading NaNoWriMo: The Runaway Queen, Part 20

NaNoWriMo: The Runaway Queen, Day 19

Chapter 6 Three days, and twenty-four hours, after turning twenty-two, Allison found herself in the quiet company of two young women. Wordlessly, they had helped her into a simple white gown with a fitted bodice, gently flared flowing skirt, and wide sleeves that hid her hands when her arms were down. Now they were twisting … Continue reading NaNoWriMo: The Runaway Queen, Day 19