• The Dark Saga places: Dyjakt

    Dyjakt is one of the world’s five continents and is where most of the story takes place. As the most populous continent in the known world, it also serves as the world’s seat of power from which the druids, formerly the faerae, rule. It is also the home of the majority of the human race, though they confine themselves to the northeastern corner as they are the only race incapable of using magic. Dyjakt is surrounded by 5 seas: the Morlay Ocean to the north, Sea of Mystica and the Eswyn Ocean to the west, the Tsala Sea to the South, and the Cabree Sea to the east. Some notable…

  • Dreamer’s express

    I dreamed last night Of wild stallions And silvery moons A forest so dense And full of life A deer crossed my pasture A flock of birds flew overhead But the sea dominated Bright fish flickered and dove In deep blue waters Colorful coral sculpted to perfection Sandy ocean shore full of shells Calm waters and peaceful life I dreamed last night of Underwater paradise Sunlight shafting through Piercing the still surface With golden beams from angels I dreamed last night Of pastures and forests And the deep blue ocean.