Safer at Home Order Journal #11

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To read this entry, both an update since #10 and a 2020 summary, head over to Chelsea's blog! Thank you to this lovely and always funny lady for the opportunity to do this guest post and for giving me the kick I needed to write to my kids again. Also, stick around and poke through … Continue reading Safer at Home Order Journal #11

Guest Post: Kindergarten During the Pandemic by Kimi Ann-Marie

Kindergarten During the Pandemic by Kimi Ann-Marie

The Lily Cafe is thrilled to present a very timely post from Kimi Ann-Marie, who writes over at Confessions of a Parentless Mother. She's an incredibly strong woman who lost both of her parents before her daughter was born and is now working hard to ensure her Kindergartener is doing as well as she possibly … Continue reading Guest Post: Kindergarten During the Pandemic by Kimi Ann-Marie

First Grade, Here We Come!

First Grade, Here We Come! - good luck to all the parents doing school from home with their kids!

Summer has come to an end. Tomorrow my little boy starts First Grade. First of all, how dare he grow up, turn 6, and go off into the numbered years of school? It's sometimes hard to reconcile the tiny little 34 week preterm baby he was to the long-limbed getting-too-tall-on-mommy sophisticated 6 year old he … Continue reading First Grade, Here We Come!

The Case of the Disappearing Dishes

The Case of the Disappearing Dishes - a short story

This may or may not have been inspired by recent events... She had a mystery on her hands, and desperately needed help. But the police thought she'd cracked under the strain and, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the private eyes had been deemed non-essential. It was ridiculous if you asked her. But no one had. … Continue reading The Case of the Disappearing Dishes

Laugh Often, People

Laugh Often, People - a post about the coronavirus

Too many years ago, my lifelong best friend up and moved away to China, of all places. She's still there. She was there when the coronavirus broke out. She was there when events and celebrations and parades were cancelled. She was there when her whole city basically went under lock down. She was there for … Continue reading Laugh Often, People