Deadly Choices by D. L. Barnhart

Title: Deadly Choices Author: D. L. Barnhart Publisher: Kindle Press Publication date: June 27, 2017 Genre: Mystery Please note I received this book for free from the Kindle Scout program. Summary: Maggie's life changed the night some armed men broke into her home and murdered her boyfriend. Hot-headed and often impulsive, she demands answers, but, … Continue reading Deadly Choices by D. L. Barnhart

Husband’s Favorite Pasta Sauce

My husband is very particular when it comes to tomato sauces. After learning store bought pasta sauces didn't sit well with him, and as he drove me crazy searching for the perfect pizza sauce, I decided to create this one. Yes, we use the same sauce for pasta and pizza. That's how much he likes … Continue reading Husband’s Favorite Pasta Sauce