The Mom I Admire (revisited)

Welcome back to another weekend reblog! This one was first published a little over a year ago and, honestly, I had forgotten about it, but I think it's hopefully something that can give moms out there a little boost these days. After all, the world is still nuts and more than one of us has … Continue reading The Mom I Admire (revisited)

Round 2 of the Poop Stage

Round 2 of the Poop Stage - now my second child is obsessed with the word poop

I'm sick and tired of this coronavirus thing; aren't you? Right now, the only thing I like about it is that we get to spend more time together. My husband works part-time from home now and our oldest is doing home from school. It's not always easy to coordinate meetings, classes via Zoom, work, school, … Continue reading Round 2 of the Poop Stage

Guest Post: How Do You Do It With Five Kids? by Chelsea Owens

Guest Post: How do you do it with five kids by Chelsea Owens

The Lily Cafe is thrilled to present a funny and honest guest post by Chelsea Owens. She is the mother of 5 boys, and somehow has time to manage 2 blogs: I Didn't Want To Be A Mother (a mom blog) and A Wife, My Verse, and Every Little Thing (her main blog). I've loved … Continue reading Guest Post: How Do You Do It With Five Kids? by Chelsea Owens

Sending My Child Back to School Makes Me Sad

Sending My Child Back to School Makes Me Sad - why I'll miss my son when he returns to his Kindergarten classroom

This post is publishing today, which must mean my sweet little boy has gone back to Kindergarten after 3 weeks off for the winter holidays. I know many parents count down to this day, and there's even a Christmas song that mentions parents looking forward to their kids going back to school. But I'm not … Continue reading Sending My Child Back to School Makes Me Sad

Not Snow Days, But Fire Days

Not Snow Days, but Fire Days

My son was born in Pennsylvania. We moved to California when he was six weeks old, so he has no memories of his first home, and only a dim understanding of what snow is as we have yet to take our kids to the mountains during the winter. He's five and has just started school. … Continue reading Not Snow Days, But Fire Days

Two Quarters From a Stranger

Two Quarters from a Stranger

I took my children to the mall for ice cream to celebrate my son's first week of Kindergarten. He asked for chocolate and mint chocolate chip for him, his younger sister, and me to share. As we went to sit, I barely registered that we had passed by an older Asian couple. I didn't pay … Continue reading Two Quarters From a Stranger

Finding Magic in Motherhood, Part 3: The “Do You Want Kids” Question Froze My Brain

Women typically fall in one of three camps when it comes to having kids: yes, absolutely not, and on the fence. And some can't decide, so they make their way from camp to camp. Then, I'm hoping, there are those like me: no on the outside, yes in the heart, and on the fence in … Continue reading Finding Magic in Motherhood, Part 3: The “Do You Want Kids” Question Froze My Brain

What Kindergarten Means to Me

What Kindergarten Means to Me

All across the country, parents are preparing to send their kids back to school. And some, like me, are sending a child off to Kindergarten. For some, it's a time to celebrate freedom. For others, it's time to turn on the waterworks as they watch their babies grow up right in front of them. This … Continue reading What Kindergarten Means to Me

The Mom I Admire

The mom I admire is a bit harried, a little scattered, and definitely missing a marble or three. She constantly wonders how she's stacking up against every other mom, especially the one without a hair out of place. She spends all day begging her kids to eat, clean up after themselves, and stop screaming. And … Continue reading The Mom I Admire

My Parenting Philosophy

I always thought my parenting was simply informed by my background in psychology. To a large degree, that's true. But, one afternoon, I was out to lunch with my family, watching my husband and I interact with our kids while the book I was currently reading flowed through my head. It hit me then: I … Continue reading My Parenting Philosophy