Raven, Chapter 9

Chapter Nine I made Teryk a rich man. He gave me many spoils, but I hungered for more. What he gave me wasn't enough. There was always more. He laughed whenever I asked for more. So, I plotted his demise. -writing on the cell wall The Dirty Pig Tavern was just as dirty as its … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 9

Raven, Chapter 8

Chapter Eight The first time I met Teryk, I was terrified. But he turned out to be quite pleased with me. He took me under his wing and finished my training himself. I quickly became the best little thief in his following. -the writing on the cell wall Caidy came out of a deep sleep … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 8

Raven, Chapter 5

Chapter Five The boys came out of nowhere. To this day, I have no idea who they were. They began to beat me, but a bellow stopped them. My eyes were swelling shut as I heard their screams of agony. The last thing I remember seeing is a boy some years older than me standing … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 5

Raven, Chapter 4

Chapter Four Living in the streets of the slums was hard. I had no friends, knew no one. The other street kids all seemed to belong to someone. I didn't, and they picked on me for it. I was almost killed one night. If it hadn't been for Aven, I would be dead right now. … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 4

Raven, Chapter 3

Chapter Three Until my parents died, I had no notion of living on the streets. It was terrifying. I was afraid most days and nights. I stole what little I could just to get by. I was cold and hungry most of the time. -the writing on the cell wall It was the middle of … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 3

Raven, Chapter 2

Chapter Two The city wanted to make me their ward and to put me into the orphanage. I had no family. No aunts, uncles, grandparents. I was terrified of the orphanage. So I ran. -the writing on the cell wall Aster Gardens was in full bloom. The trees were heavy with vibrant blossoms and ripened … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 2

Raven, Chapter 1

Chapter One I was orphaned when I was six years old. I never attended school. I can neither read nor write. My parents died in a factory fire. They called me Tala. But now I am called Raven. -the writing on the cell wall A yellow light fell across the creaky floorboards, slipping through the … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 1