• How I Keep My Sanity: Kinetic Sand

    When I first saw commercials for Kinetic Sand, my son wasn’t old enough to play with it, but I filed it away. See, I hate playdoh. Always have, always will. The texture and smell drive me nuts. I didn’t even like it as a kid. And the residue it leaves on your hands? Better get me to the nearest sink! No matter how much I hate playdoh, I knew I couldn’t deprive my son or pass on my own finickiness to him. I had resigned myself to having to touch this stuff again. Then I saw a commercial for Kinetic Sand. It was like the dawning of a new day.…

  • Pages flying free

    The leather bound book falls to the pebbles A gusty wind billows up and lifts the cover The rustle of turning pages echoes in the dunes As bits of sand are blown away from the summits A single sheet bathed in ink flies free Headed towards the horizon, the rising sun Landing as a leaf on a cool spring creek The ink runs free and a delicate morning glory blooms White sheets flutter from the book Pages flying free from the prison they shared Flying above the dunes and sea holly Towards the wide blue expanse and golden sun Towards freedom.