• The Weekly Question #16

    Is there a post you’re particularly fond of that you’d like to share? I’m always interested in what other people think and write. I spend a lot of my limited free time looking for new blogs to read and follow, but there are just too many. So, if you’d like, please share something you’re proud of, something you loved writing, something you want more people to read. And maybe find new blogs to follow.

  • The Weekly Question #15

    Share your favorite blog. We all have blogs that we can’t get enough of, the blogs that we have to read as soon as there’s a new post. Since I’m always looking for new blogs to enjoy and follow, I want to know: which blog or blogs do you love?

  • A Breakdown of Social Media (that I have attempted)

    I am not the most enthusiastic fan of social media. It was a huge time waster years ago and I often found myself not caring about what people I barely knew were doing today, yesterday, or a minute ago. But social media seems to be an important component to blogging. Sigh. I’ve tried out Twitter. I have a private Facebook account. I’ve been working on demystifying Instagram and Pinterest. But, being as far from a social media whiz as I can get, I find it mostly humorous. Care to know what I think? Twitter: A practice in being succinct, or a bad speller. I didn’t like the 3 ring circus…

  • Instafamous or Blissful Obscurity?

    I saw a shirt in a children’s clothing store that read #instafamous. Perhaps you’ve seen it, too. Perhaps your child even has it. I’ve seen at least one toddler wearing it already. But it made me stop and think, and what better day to ruminate on it than the one where I write about blogging and over sharing? Today, children all over the world are plastered across the Internet. By their parents. Their images, names, birthdays, and even how they were born can be found all over social media. I’m not saying this is wrong or these parents are doing something shameful. What those parents choose to do is not…

  • How to be a Blogging Mom Who Doesn’t Over Share

    How much sharing is too much? This bounces around my head all the time. I have certain boundaries regarding my husband and children, though will shamelessly share everything about my cat. Recently, I found out one of my college classmates was this year’s commencement speaker at our alma mater. Since we graduated 9 years ago, she has become an insanely successful person (and she deserves every bit of it). But I also recently learned she became engaged to a longtime boyfriend her followers didn’t even know existed. Which makes me wonder: how much sharing is too much? Did she keep him private to give herself an oasis of privacy? Did…