Smile: My Miscarriage Story

My son was born almost 4 years ago, before "rainbow baby" was a commonly used term. I certainly hadn't heard of it until he was 1. Even though he is a rainbow baby, I have a hard time thinking of him in that way. He isn't my rainbow. He is something else altogether. I remember … Continue reading Smile: My Miscarriage Story

Motherhood: That toothless smile

Well, the rest of this month is a bit of a wash. My son decided to change his nap schedule on me, so now neither of us quite knows when he wants to sleep and for how long, which means I don't get much done! Besides that, we're doing a little traveling this month, and … Continue reading Motherhood: That toothless smile

My Love, part 2

And the long love poem continues. Check out the first part here. The years swirled past And still I saw him only those times But I knew he was still there Maybe watching me For I saw the curtains sway When there was no wind Freshman year ended Sophomore swirled past Junior left in a … Continue reading My Love, part 2