A Breakdown of Social Media (that I have attempted) (revisited)

I'm not at all amazed that my feelings about social media have not changed in the approximate two years it's been since this first posted. I guess I'm just not a social media person, but I keep the accounts around just in case. Do feel free and stop by, but I can never guarantee there … Continue reading A Breakdown of Social Media (that I have attempted) (revisited)

Should I…Bookstagram?

Over the past year, I've seriously been struggling with social media. It's been a combination of I don't enjoy it and I don't have time with a healthy dose of feeling eh about it all thrown in. Except this thing called Bookstagram keeps whispering in my head. Honestly, a year ago, I had no idea … Continue reading Should I…Bookstagram?

Finding my Groove on Instagram

The Lily Cafe has been on Instagram since June. It's now October and I've finally figured out what to do with it. Before July, my husband and I were working on branding this blog with the eventual goal to try to monetize. That meant getting the blog on all major social media sites: Instagram, Twitter, … Continue reading Finding my Groove on Instagram

Not a Social Media Mom

Some days I have a hard enough time just blogging. Finding time to jump onto Facebook-Twitter-Instagram-Pinterest-etc just doesn't happen. Just thinking about it makes me tired. I didn't grow up on social media. I grew up in a backyard and a home that had no Internet until I was in 6th-7th grade and zero cable … Continue reading Not a Social Media Mom

A Breakdown of Social Media (that I have attempted)

I am not the most enthusiastic fan of social media. It was a huge time waster years ago and I often found myself not caring about what people I barely knew were doing today, yesterday, or a minute ago. But social media seems to be an important component to blogging. Sigh. I've tried out Twitter. … Continue reading A Breakdown of Social Media (that I have attempted)