Raven, Chapter 12

Aven and I worked hard to bring in loyal followers. They were shy of following a girl, but I proved myself to them. I was a good leader, kind, but firm, giving, yet demanding. My followers were steadfastly loyal. Finally, it was time to face the remaining Thief Lords to establish myself as one of … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 12

Raven, Chapter 11

Aven took me away right away. He knew there would be trouble from the other Thief Lords. He wanted to protect me. So, he took me underground into secret tunnels only he and a few others knew about under the Sapphire District. There, we worked our magic and developed a following, a following Aven allowed … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 11

Raven, Chapter 1

Chapter One I was orphaned when I was six years old. I never attended school. I can neither read nor write. My parents died in a factory fire. They called me Tala. But now I am called Raven. -the writing on the cell wall A yellow light fell across the creaky floorboards, slipping through the … Continue reading Raven, Chapter 1