31 Things I Love About Motherhood

Motherhood isn't easy. It wasn't in my original plans. I'd rather I worked and my husband stayed at home. Life didn't work out the way I wanted. I'm learning to accept it. And there are definitely things I love about being a mom. Breastfeeding. A little surprising, but, between my son being weaned and my … Continue reading 31 Things I Love About Motherhood

How I Teach My Toddler, or Why I Hate ABC Mouse

Last week I wrote about my son having a tablet, which we got for him in the hopes that it would help him develop his expressive language skills, but it also brought up educational questions. This week I would like to talk a little about how I do teach him, and why I hate ABC … Continue reading How I Teach My Toddler, or Why I Hate ABC Mouse

Yes, My Toddler Has a Tablet

Before my son was born, I was adamant: no devices. I was even on the fence about the TV, but I couldn't be that mean to my husband. Still, I was confident that my children would not have their own devices until they were probably teenagers. I had spent my whole childhood playing and fully … Continue reading Yes, My Toddler Has a Tablet

Picture Perfect

Quick! Take a picture. Now look at it. I see a mom. Hair once brushed, but now tangled from small hands and with food streaking one side where the baby decided to try to eat it after gumming some cereal. Shirt rumpled and a little uneven from breastfeeding the baby. Skirt full of crumbs and … Continue reading Picture Perfect