Arachnia, part 5

Kali sat still and quiet in the traveler’s sitting room, her black gown spread out around her, while the traveler himself paced across the room in front of her. “I keep telling you to leave,” Kali said. “You can avoid the mental anguish if you would just leave.” Seth turned flashing blue-gray eyes on her. … Continue reading Arachnia, part 5

Arachnia, part 4

Ebony was waiting for him in the chamber of chains the following morning. She wore the same red gown as the day before, but her black curls were tied back this time. She looked refreshed and vibrant. The same couldn’t be said of the half-naked man tightly chained to the wall. Traveler studied this man … Continue reading Arachnia, part 4

Arachnia, part 3

“Very impressive,” Ebony murmured as they walked through the palace courtyard. Night had fallen and the air was fragrant with nightflowers. The red and silver flowers were in full bloom this time of year and the garden was full of them. “Thank you, my lady,” Traveler murmured. “It is only what I learned from the … Continue reading Arachnia, part 3

Arachnia, part 2

“What?” Kali burst out. “You can’t!” Traveler glared over at her. “I have no choice, Kali.” She paced across the airy sitting room of her palace chambers. Black and red silk billowed out as a breeze wandered in from the balcony. Her black gown trailed on the red carpet as she paced. Traveler, now dressed … Continue reading Arachnia, part 2

Arachnia, Part 1

Dusk was falling when he entered the sprawling town of Arachnia. The cobbled streets were dark, lit only by street lamps placed at every thirty feet. The gable roofed buildings, the outermost ones being residences and the innermost ones places of business, were all painted a dark gray and blood red flowers bloomed in the … Continue reading Arachnia, Part 1